Why World Teachers’ Day matters

I took my education for granted. At least, 250 million children around the world can only dream of being that lucky.

My education took place in a run-of-the-mill state school in the UK; I passed my exams and went onto complete a marketing degree at university before embarking on a career in marketing. Simple. Straightforward.

I don’t think I ever thought during my education how simply my ability to read was the gateway to all my learning and understanding of the world around me. Over the last 3 and a half years working for the Commonwealth Education Trust, I have learned the true scale and impact learning poverty is having on hundreds of millions of children around the world.

Learning Poverty is defined as a child being unable to read and understand a simple story by the age of 10 (World Bank). This is stifling life chances for millions of children across the world and more needs to be done to solve this global learning crisis.

We believe the solution is teachers.

Everywhere, educators are challenged with overcrowded classes, poor infrastructure and teachers entering their classrooms with a lack of skills, resources and updated practices to provide children with a good education.

This is why World Teachers’ Day matters. It is time to acknowledge the fantastic job teachers are doing – especially in challenging situations – but also to recognise where they need support. At the Commonwealth Education Trust, we upskill teachers through low-data, bitesize and contextualised online courses on our award-winning ed-tech platform, Teach2030. To date, our courses have reached over 11,000 teachers in over 100 countries and we have an overall course completion rate of over 40%, which exceeds online courses averages.

“Teach2030 has helped me to make my teaching more innovative. I would like to encourage others to use Teach2030 to improve their teaching and achieve professional growth.”
Shubhangi, a teacher from India.

Although we are taking on the fight of learning poverty, we cannot do it alone. Support us this World Teachers’ Day by donating or registering your interest in partnering with us.

Thank you to all teachers around the world, keep up the great work.

Written by Adam, Marketing Lead at The Commonwealth Education Trust.

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