The CET joins Generation Global for their Introduction to Dialogue course launch event

The CET was delighted to join Generation Global for the launch of their first online professional development course, ‘Introduction to Dialogue‘, designed to equip formal and non-formal educators with an understanding of dialogue skills, and the resources needed for implementing intercultural dialogue practices into their learning communities. 

The event brought together diverse voices including our CEO, Betty Abeng, who was joined by Jennifer D. Klein and Cinthya Fernández. Together, they shared and highlighted the benefits of incorporating dialogue into every learning community. 

Thanks to a partnership with Generation Global, we are delighted to be hosting this free, self-paced course on our Teach2030 platform and participants will learn about what dialogue is and how to teach the five core skills. They also have access to Generation Global resources, such as lesson plans, worksheets, skill-building activities, and an action plan to support their learners. 

You can watch the event here

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