Our innovative EdTech platforms reach teachers in underserved communities all over the world and develop their day-to-day foundational skills; boost their digital competencies; and ultimately improve the learning outcomes of the children they teach.

Teaching Platforms

Our innovative EdTech platforms reach teachers in underserved communities all over the world and develop their day-to-day foundational skills; boost their digital competencies; and ultimately improve the learning outcomes of the children they teach.


Teach2030 is our unique online teacher development programme specifically designed to address the challenges of the education systems across lower income nations . The teaching materials are mapped to Cambridge Teaching Standards, and help teachers simply teach better by developing their pedagogical knowledge, classroom practice and connections with pupils. 

Good teachers never stop learning. Education is always evolving. Our Teach2030 EdTech Platform supports teachers, schools, educational providers, and governments to take ownership of teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD), resulting in long-term and sustainable improvement of teacher performance in classrooms.

We also host a series of original Teaching Foundation courses on Coursera, designed for educators seeking an intensive learning experience.

teach2030 coach


Teachers’ time is precious; we believe that through the use of Teach2030 materials – focused solely on ideas and strategies to raise learning outcomes, sound pedagogy, and opportunities to discuss classroom practice with peers in regular CPD sessions – teachers will remain committed to a trajectory of excellence, regardless of their experience.

Teach2030 courses are suitable for both whole school and independent learning. Our easy-to-use platform and help guides enable individual teachers who wish to develop their classroom practice to do so in their own time, and at their own pace. By utilising our digital Teach2030 Community, they will be able to share their experiences and discuss their teaching with fellow educators across the world.

We also provide support to headteachers and their teams through high-quality, contextualised materials and training courses to encourage time-tabled CPD to becomes standard in schools, ensuring teachers learn and develop their classroom practice year on year.


We also offer our intensive, academic Foundations of Teaching for Learning programme on Coursera

This is our original massive open online course (MOOC) series, designed for educators to reflect on their personal and professional development as a teacher. With lectures taught by established and respected Professors from across the Commonwealth, the MOOCs provide evidence-based content over a world-class academic platform.

These courses are targeted towards educators looking for an intensive one-year teacher skills development programme and are designed to help teachers develop and strengthen skills in teaching, pedagogy, professionalism, and assessment.


We know navigating the rapidly changing range of education and EdTech solutions needed to support the professional development of teachers today can be daunting.

Working with governments at both national and district levels helps build the capacity of both their educational departments and the schools they support, raising the profile of CPD and its value as a vital part of a teacher’s career. CPD is often overlooked as key to good teaching practice, and the need for it to take place regularly as well as follow a well-planned and cohesive structure. 

For our programme partners, including Ministries of Education, local departments of education, and NGOS working in education in lower income Commonwealth countries, we can offer technical advisory services that guide the rollout of Teach2030 on a national scale for teachers working in all communities.


Our vibrant community of teachers and programme partners from across the Commonwealth countries have much to say about Teach2030 and the benefits to underserved communities around the world.

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Matthews Phiri, Maths and ICT teacher, Tanzania.

Matthew Phiri tells us how he has benefited from ‘Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom.’

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Sera Inambao, head teacher, Zambia

Sera feels that having quality professional development materials that she and her teachers can work on at the same time is helping to bring them together.

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Admire Kettles, South Africa

How does Admire Kettles, from Gauteng, South Africa, think that Teach2030 compares to other professional development programmes that he has used?


Our platform provides a low-cost and long-term sustainable model to bring training and skill development opportunities to teachers who are in rural and hard to reach areas. Our courses can be accessed individually by teachers, or as part of a whole school continuing professional development programme.

We use a combination of high-quality digital content and local in-person facilitation to address eight targeted areas for improved teaching skills and practice:


Focussed on you taking a fresh look at your teaching, how to make a difference to your learners and developing your teaching philosophy.


Successful classroom looks at applying growth mindset to your teaching, how to differentiate your teaching and building a positive learning environment.


How do children learn and how to help them learn is crucial to this area. Building a learning culture and using questions to get results will be beneficial.


Looking into formative assessment strategies to improve outcomes, using questions to assess learners and how to put assessment theory into practice.


Why does an engaging curriculum matter? How to plan it effectively and teach it well by bringing lessons to life will be covered in this area.


Planning lessons and responding to the needs of all our learners. Learn how to use feedback effectively to help all leaner’s progress.


How to build relationships to create a positive environment for your learners. Understanding the benefits of peer learning.


Understanding how to connect and engage with parents to ensure progress of the child. Also, how to build relationships within your community.


Our courses are suitable for all teachers, whether completing them individually or as part of a whole school programme. 

We know many teachers will want to upskill themselves independently. Our courses are simple to access, are low data and easy to complete at your own pace. Part 1 of our foundational teaching skills courses are free, and Part 2 contains the course assessment and certificate and has a $5 cost. Many teachers choose to complete our courses in their own time, using their own data and their own device.


To gain the fully immersive and blended learning benefits of Teach2030 courses, we work with our partners to implement the whole school programme in the schools they work with. Extensive support materials are provided to ensure the successful implementation of regular and timetabled CPD sessions for all teachers. This enables the inclusion of the blended learning elements of Teach2030, by providing opportunities for teachers to discuss course content and activities with their peers, therefore bringing the digital world to life and into their classrooms and own experiences. We believe that a whol;e school approach to professional development is the best way to effect long-lasting, sustained and meaningful change in teaching practice.

Benefits for teachers

We believe that good professional development is key to supporting teachers to improve their practice, and technology provides an ideal platform to support their growth. Significant care and thought has helped shape what we offer, to ensure it meets the needs of our users

Designed for low-resource environments

Bite-sized lessons easy to consume - Low-data: images and graphics compressed- Low-cost: on average 30-50MB data per course - Suitable for any device

Improve your teaching skills

Contextualised and suitable for all (even those teaching large classes or with few resources) - All courses have clear objectives and are focused on specific teaching areas aligned to Cambridge Teaching Standards - Courses are highly adaptable, can be completed anywhere, at any time - Practical tasks provide the opportunity to put learning into practice

Gain a certificate

Teachers will get a certificate for each course completed, providing evidence of their learning.

Change lives

Learning new skills and better classroom practices enabling better learning outcomes for your students and their futures.

How it works

Each of the eight modules in our Foundations of Teaching for Learning series is an intensive six-week academic programme for teachers to develop and strengthen skills in teaching, reflective practice, pedagogy, and evaluation. 

To complete the entire series of eight modules is an estimated time commitment of over a year and requires an intensive data connection/strong data connection.  

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this series on Coursera:

Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Introduction
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Being a Professional
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Being a Teacher
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Developing Relationships
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Planning for Teaching and Learning
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Introduction to Student Assessment
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Curriculum
Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Learners and Learning

“I would recommend these MOOCs to both those wanting to get into teaching as well as those who have been teaching for a while. The content is invaluable and I learnt so much.”

Mphoentle Modise
Lecturer at UNISA College of Education – South Africa

My name is Mphoentle Modise, I am a lecturer at UNISA College of Education (University of South Africa), and I teach modules that are offered purely online and blended modules. I have a background in information studies and web development where I worked for a number of different organisations. I love research and I am passionate about education. I recently completed my Masters in Education and am currently doing my Ph.D. I came across the Foundations for Teaching and Learning (FTL) MOOCs whilst on my journey to develop and build skills with the ambition to move to a teaching career.  I completed all 8 courses in the FTL programme, plus the Capstone, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

In 2017, I applied for a lecturing post at Unisa, despite not having a formal undergraduate teaching qualification, and I found that FL certification and skills learnt had a real impact on my application. I was successful and am now responsible for teaching online and blended modules using various technology tools. I would definitely recommend the FTL MOOCs to both those wanting to get into teaching as well as those who have been teaching. The invaluable content is relevant and speaks to the current needs in education, and provide practical examples with a hands-on approach.


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