Teach2030 outperforming digital learning course completion benchmarks

When was the last time you started something you didn’t then finish? Maybe you began a book you had always meant to read, or tried to sort a cluttered drawer – or did you enrol an online course? Despite people signing up with the best intentions and a desire to learn something new, the average online course completion rate is only 12.6%. Many factors are believed to contribute to this: course length, the suitability of the materials to the user, a more applicable option becoming available, lack of time, falling behind your peers, and more.

This is why we are so delighted that our Teach2030 courses have a magnificent average completion rate of 45%. Yes, 45%! Considering Teach2030 programme is in its infancy (only created in 2019), this is impressive. We believe it is down to the time and effort we have spent getting to know our teaching community: understanding what they both want and need, building highly contextualised courses with useful videos and infographics, and – of course – keeping courses a meaningful and manageable length.

The Commonwealth Education Trust focuses solely on supporting teachers working in lower- and middle- income countries. Members of our teaching community may own a smartphone, or have access to a computer, but the necessity to use their digital device to function in daily life is not as required as in higher-income countries – making our course completion rate even more spectacular, as our teachers also need to develop digital confidence through accessing the Teach2030 programme. We know from reading the enquiries from our website contact us form, through conversations with teachers during our virtual workshops, and careful analysis of data from the end-of-course feedback surveys, that our community are overcoming significant challenges such as logging in and accessing an account, completing online surveys, sourcing data and connectivity, to enable them to finish their Teach2030 course.

As teacher Arpita Das (Kolkata, India) says: ‘I am very proud to pursue the courses under Teach 2030. My teaching career is long, but it was not beyond chalk and talk. Now, I have been able to explore many other methods and activities beyond books and copies. I started implementing a major portion of my learning into my classrooms after the pandemic. My mindset has changed, and I expect to improve more as I undergo more modules of Teach2030.’

Arpita has completed three of our courses already and is on track to finish ‘Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners’ soon. We have many teachers in our community like Arpita, who are committed to their own professional development to help them become better teachers, and who return to Teach2030 to try a new course or attend a virtual workshop.

Contact us today to see how we can partner with you and your organisation, to provide meaningful and relevant courses to the teachers you work with – and help us raise our course completion rate even higher!

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