Scaling Up Our Workshops: Doubling Our Sessions With A Long Term Plan

Since April, we’ve been hosting 15-minute online workshops through our flagship programme, Teach2030. We’ve doubled our sessions, improved our follow up resources and we’ve received great feedback from teachers.

Teach2030 Workshops | Commonwealth Education Trust

Our workshops have so far attracted nearly 1500 teachers and we remain as committed as ever to ensuring teachers have they resources they need to continue developing their practice. As we continue to meet the needs of our Teach2030 global community, we have taken the decision to repeat the same workshop twice every months, allowing teachers to choose the day that suits them!

We’ve also planned out workshops for the remainder of 2021 that will support learning around our ‘Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners’ course.

We’ve emphasised the importance of using the summer break (that many of our colleagues worldwide are now on) to prepare for the next academic year. We believe these free, interactive, short workshops are the perfect opportunity for teachers to use their time effectively to learn new skills that focus on lesson planning.

After every workshop, learners have the opportunity to share feedback. Over the last few months, we have been delighted to have received some outstanding feedback:

“I enjoy the interaction. I like that there are two presenters: one to explain and one to read our comments, so it flows better. They have made me  more reflective of my own lesson planning”

Tasnim, South Africa

“I enjoyed most the shared contents and resources, which will make my teaching more powerful and effective.”

Sarita, India

Along with many others, Tasnim and Sarita are now two of our many regular attendees. We are delighted when they make contributions throughout the workshop as the best way to learn is from each other.

Every attendee who subscribes to our free events also has exclusive access to additional resources, including downloadable posters, classroom scenarios and video links. As Joyce Gomina, a teacher from Nigeria told us, ‘what you all do is amazing…and the follow-up emails are the icing on the cake!’

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