Rebecca Akinyi from Kenya Connect on co-delivering Teach2030 live events

Part of our mission is to build relationships between the Commonwealth Education Trust, and teachers and partners working globally within our network. When possible, we co-deliver our Teach2030 virtual workshops with teachers and educationalists who are part of the communities we aim to support.  So, we were delighted that Rebecca Akinyi Migwambo, the Professional Learning Coordinator from Kenya Connect, joined us to deliver two Q&A sessions in both February and March this year.

We responded to questions submitted by our teacher network and discussed topics such as formative assessment and how to manage large classes.

Visit our Teach2030 Youtube channel to get a flavour our live events – Watch the Primary Q&A with Rebecca and Eleanor Sykes, and the Secondary Q&A with Rebecca and Alex Starr. 

Please read Rebecca’s words below, as she tells us about the experience of hosting live workshops with CET! 

‘The shoe wearer knows where it pinches most, so goes the old adage. Relating this to my current job role has always pushed me to consider listening and sharing experiences and practices with like-minded educators for the interest of the global learners today and in future. 

My recent co-hosting of Q&A sessions with both Eleanor and Alex of Teach2030 was a beautiful learning experience. Leveraging technology to the betterment of one’s teaching practice through a joint session with teachers tuning from all over the world was so humbling. 

Through both Zoom and a Facebook live session, we had a candid discussion on some grey areas that were a thorn in the flesh for a number of practising educators. The beauty of it all was being able to relate a challenging experience in the classroom and then getting feedback from another educator who was able to overcome the challenge by sharing their experience as well. That’s a community that every teacher needs!  

Professional development through such engagements as one I have shared above are so vital in ensuring that quality education is provided for all learners irrespective of where they come from. Teachers being the heart of education, there is a need for continued support throughout their practice.   

Meeting the demands of the 21st century world calls for upskilling teacher pedagogical and technological needs to equally match the dynamism of the world. With forums such as a Q&As, educators can compare notes, seek clarification, be in the know, and learn and find practical solutions to various challenges they encounter while executing the noble duty of impacting the future.’ 

Thank you so much Rebecca for partnering with us; we hope to deliver more sessions with you in the future! We love how Rebecca has mentioned on of our core beliefs – the benefits of discussing your teaching practice with a fellow teacher, and the support this can bring.

If you’re an organisation that has access to teachers that would like to upskill then we can help you by delivering a sustained programme of teacher professional development.

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