Raising awareness of the Global Learning Crisis at Radley College

The impact of teachers in the provision of quality education is life changing and in my role as Education Sustainability Consultant, I am pleased to be playing a part in this transformation work with The Commonwealth Education Trust on its mission to build in-service teacher capacity through digital, high-impact programme and virtual community enriching both their lives and those of the children they teach.  

Through partnerships with not-for-profits, schools and private companies, the CET knows that it can make a significant contribution towards ensuring that children receive quality education from a transformative and supported teacher.  

On the 28th of September, Our CEO, Betty Abeng and I visited one of our partner schools, Radley College, in Oxfordshire. We were obviously thrilled by the prospect of presenting to 120 Year 10 students and the opportunity to present and capture the minds of so many talented, eager and enthusiastic students in the hope that they would also realise that they too have a vital role to play in helping to address the global learning crisis.  

By sharing first hand experiences and offering different perspectives, we wanted to help unpack some of the challenges that the world faces in in addressing the issue of learning poverty. 

We also wanted to ensure that the students too felt that they were able to contribute and share their views on this issue, how they would solve the challenges in education and our fast-changing world. The students delivered and led outstanding presentations.  

A Radleian, George Egerton-Warburton, who helped support CET training in Gehandu, Tanzania, in Jan-March 2020, also joined us and discussed his experiences of his visit, the positive impact technology can have, and how Teach2030 courses are helping teachers teach better. 


Hearing his first-hand experiences and the positive impact of our digital, bitesize courses that build teachers’ professional development and confidence was great. 

The students were also able to convey what they felt were some of the challenges in education, and what they felt were key aspects that would enable our supporters to effectively support the work of the CET.  

The CET is thrilled by this special partnership with Radley College, as this represents one of the core pillars upon which our operations model is built upon: Working Together.  

These students will hopefully go on to become active global citizens and continue to spread the word on the vital role teachers play in improving learning outcomes for children, which enables them to participate more effectively in their communities.   

We have been looking forward to seeing and hearing all the fundraising efforts and so far, the boys have already raised over £4000! 

Thank you to everyone who has made this partnership possible.  

 Written by Priya Kara, Education Sustainability Consultant at the Commonwealth Education Trust.


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