Our partners

Our partners

We work closely with a range of corporate, education and school partners to reach and upskill teachers across the Commonwealth to provide a quality education for all.

Helga todd Foundation


calcutta rescue
kenya connect
Warwick in Africa (Warwick University)
Teaching Council of Zambia
Coco International

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We are partnering with the teacher-focused Helga Todd Foundation to bring Teach2030 to in-country organisations – starting with Calcutta Rescue.


CET and Radley College have been working together since 2021 to connect Radley pupils to those supported by our partner Kenya Connect in Machakos County, Kenya. Pupils have engaged in Zoom calls each Monday covering a range of topics such as favourite sports, biggest global problems and understanding citizenship. The project is extending to further schools in Cameroon and Zambia, and has already promoted engagement and understanding of the lives lived in these two very different communities.  


Gordon’s School and CET have partnered to build digital professional learning communities to teachers working in Cameroon, Kenya and Zambia. The first step involves one teacher from Gordon’s School working through Teach2030 courses on Zoom with two teachers from a partner school, with plenty of time to explore pedagogical topics and experience. Currently there are six Gordon’s teachers and 18 partner teachers, but this is expected to expand to include more teachers, as well as building content together.


Calcutta Rescue supports teachers working in the poorest neighbourhoods in the city. Teachers run after school learning clubs for children, and access Teach2030 courses at the same time, as part of a whole team programme. CET keeps them updated on course completions through regular progress reports.  

world history encyclopedia

As a non-profit organisation, World History Encyclopedia aims to improve history teaching worldwide. By providing ‘an array of historical topics and narratives through text, video, interactive features, and social media,’ history teaching is transforming, becoming more engaging and easy-accessible.

We are excited to work together: the Commonwealth Education Trust can assist with providing the pedagogy behind teaching, whilst the World History Encyclopedia can improve subject knowledge through their materials. In the next few months, we hope to provide our teachers with teaching tips and blogs specifically for history, along with a joint workshop that explores how to engage with resources.

This partnership supports our mission of working towards SDG4 and providing quality, equitable education to all worldwide.


CET partnered with UNIDO Liberia to bring the Teach2030 programme to 168 TVET teachers in 2021. Participants had access to Teach2030 courses as well as receiving bespoke virtual workshops supporting course content, as well as answering questions from the UNIDO teaching community. The partnership is continuing in 2022 to reach further schools and teachers.

Prince's Trust International

PTI and CET have partnered to deliver the Teach2030 programme to teachers participating in their Achieve programme in Jamaica. This project is planned to scale to other Achieve programmes in further locations based on the success of this initial pilot. 


CET and Kenya Connect have been working together since 2021 to bring Teach2030 courses to teachers they support in Machakos County, Kenya. The NGO provides access to Teach2030 through Chromebooks and teachers work through courses together as part of a whole school programme. They have also joined the CET in delivering digital workshops and live Q&A sessions for teachers. 


WiA works with teachers in Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania, and have partnered with CET since 2020 to bring Teach2030 courses and workshops to their teachers. This has now extended to research with Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, to evidence the impact of digital TPD on teacher approach and performance in their classroom practice.


The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent lockdowns have sorely exacerbated the challenge of receiving an education across Africa and creating the largest disruption of education systems in history. As fiscal pressures in Africa increases and development assistance comes under strain, ATI has partnered with CET by generously providing funding to help us further support the education sector.

Teaching Council of Zambia

CET was one of the first education partners for the Teaching Council of Zambia, starting in 2020. We are working towards course accreditation to enable teachers to receive TPD points for completing courses. Teachers in two districts accessed Teach2030 courses as part of a pilot.

COCO International

Coco was in touch with CET as soon as the school pandemic closures began in March 2020. They wanted to support their teachers to keep learning throughout the crisis, and partnered with CET to provide Teach2030 to their community in Tanzania. 

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