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Our digital Teach2030 programme and virtual community activities support teachers working in all settings.


While school enrolments have certainly increased in lower-income countries, it is estimated that 250 million children around the world are affected by learning poverty. Everywhere, educators are challenged with overcrowded classes, poor infrastructure and teachers entering their classrooms with a lack of skills, resources and updated practices to provide children with a good education.

We know that teachers have more impact on learning outcomes than any other factor. That’s why our aim is to help teachers to teach better, so that children learn more and have a brighter future. We do this through our four pillars, which includes our digital programme, Teach2030.


Teachers’ time is precious; we believe that through the use of Teach2030 materials and virtual activities – focused solely on strategies to increase learning outcomes, pedagogical knowledge, and opportunities to discuss classroom practice with peers in regular TPD sessions – teachers will remain committed to a trajectory of excellence, regardless of their experience.

Teach2030 courses are suitable for both whole school and independent learning. Our easy-to-use platform and help-guides enable individual teachers who wish to develop their classroom practice to do so in their own time, and at their own pace. By utilising our digital Teach2030 Community, they will be able to share their experiences and discuss their teaching with fellow educators across the world.

We also provide support to headteachers and their teams through high-quality, contextualised materials and training courses to encourage time-tabled TPD to become standard in schools, ensuring teachers learn and develop their classroom practice year on year.


Scaling-up in Chongwe and Chisamba districts, in partnership with the Teaching Council of Zambia.

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Lucy Kendall, COCO International’s CEO, states the ‘excellent quality’ of Teach2030  courses. ‘We wanted to give our teachers a tangible skill to take away from this time (pandemic school closures)’

Want to help us reach more teachers and end learning poverty for good?


We build through our own digital platform Teach2030. The platform is scalable and contextualised to teachers in low and middle income settings.

  • Bitesize and Low data Digital Courses
  • Monthly live 15-minute workshops
  • Monthly Live Q&As with Teaching Experts
  • Free resources on the Teach2030 YouTube Channel


We work closely with local governments, international agencies and other organisations, to bring sustainable digital TPD to schools and teachers in low and middle income settings.


We create open and collaborative partnerships: connecting teachers, pooling knowledge and sharing resources. We aim to deliver contextualised, digital TPD materials to teachers.


Through our global community of teachers, we celebrate their successes and empower them to be part of the process of designing innovative solutions to help improve their teaching.

Scaling-up in Chongwe and Chisamba District in partnership with the Teaching Council of Zambia

Our partnership with the Teaching Council of Zambia is exciting in its scope and great potential to scale. The council has over 150,00 registered teachers; teachers need to re-register every three years, and show proof of accredited professional development courses completed during this time. Teach2030 courses will be accredited by the Teaching Council and provided to all registered teachers as part of their membership.

We officially began our partnership in January 2020 with planning a Phase 1 rollout of Teach2030 courses to nearly 2,000 teachers in the Chongwe and Chisamba districts. Working with national education institutions at government level is one of the most effective ways to ensure sustained and long-lasting change in teacher professional development, and we are delighted to also work with the TESS department (Teacher Education Specialised Services) and the more localised District Education Board Secretaries to bring this programme into the schools they support.

Despite the challenges a Covid-filled 2020 has presented, the partnership has kept moving and is on course to be used as a whole-school CPD in Chisamba and Chongwe districts from January 2021, and to scale up to reach all council-registered teachers in the near future.

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