WE Will not stand for mediocrity - The importance of professional development

A commitment to professional development provides many benefits for your employees and your organisation. 

Employees can develop new skills, which will increase their confidence and offer potential career advancement opportunities and your organisation can benefit from better staff retention, a more skilled workforce and the ability to attract better talent.

Would you really want to send your employees in without the appropriate training to do their job? Would you stand for mediocrity in your organisation?

Together we can use professional development to PROVIDE A QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL

A partnership with us is a partnership based on shared values of investing in people.

We work with corporate partners in two ways:

  • Strategic

    Align your strategic objectives with ours and fund a specific area of our work in fighting the global learning crisis.

  • Charity of the Year

    Take on fundraising challenges, host events or even tie financial support to professional development within your organisation.

New Corporate Partner Leads

EVery child deserves a quality education! WHy teachers are at the heart of solving the global learning crisis?

Children across the world face barriers preventing them from accessing quality education. The Global Learning Crisis is affecting over 250 million children around the world stifling their life chances and reducing the growth of nations and continents.

World-renowed education expert, John Hattie, has extensively researched the biggest impacts on the learning achievement of children. His findings have shown that teachers collectively believing they can make a difference and backing this up with evidence is the number one impact on achievements.

Further to this Hattie has gone onto explain that teachers must have the correct mindset and provide students with a clear purpose and understanding of their learning journeys. This will create classrooms built on trust where mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn, and the teachers are constantly assessing their own impact.

Source: John Hattie, Visible Learning: The Sequel: A Synthesis of Over 2,100 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement (2023)

How our commitment to teacher professional development through teach2030 has changed lives

Since we launched our online learning platform, Teach2030, at the end of 2019, we’ve welcomed over 14,000 teachers from over 100 countries onto our courses.

Our approach is focused on providing the teachers the tools, strategies and knowledge they need to improve outcomes in line with the contemporary research and aligned to the Cambridge Teaching Standards. 

Our courses include key ideas such as having and promoting a growth mindset, SMART lesson planning and the importance of having a learning partner and portfolio to be able assess their own performance.

Key highlights from our latest impact report:


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