How our partnership programme can benefit your school

We are delighted to introduce our partnership programme for any UK or international private school, be it primary, secondary or a university.

The Commonwealth Education Trust matches schools with others worldwide. By building communities of learners, we can improve the lives of millions of children globally. Our aim is to connect your school with another in an under-resourced setting. We provide two options: teacher-teacher partnering in Teacher Learning Communities and/or student-student discussions.


Teacher Learning Communities

We match your teachers with others worldwide, based on the professional development needs of all involved. Through a personalised approach, teachers gain additional professional development through teacher partnering.

This will help your teachers to:

  • Develop Professional Standards for Teaching, including collaboration and contributing to the professional development of others
  • Advance and reflect on pedagogy
  • Build relationships with teachers in other settings
  • Gain leadership opportunities


Student Partnerships

Want your students to develop interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence? We pair students with a school in a country of your choice, giving them the opportunity to converse every few weeks online. This widens student knowledge of worldwide issues, making them stronger global citizens. The hope is that in their future, they will remember this experience and enable change to occur.

Other benefits include:

  • Increasing empathy, communication, critical thinking and confidence skills
  • ‘Preparing learners for life…equipping them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society’ (OFSTED: 2022)
  • Broadening their UCAS application

‘CET’s help in finding partner schools in Africa has been invaluable. Regular online conversations between Year 9 pupils have enabled them to learn about the educational challenges facing partner pupils and has deepened the understanding of the UN sustainable development goals this generation faces on both sides. It has also been great fun: the buzz, excitement and positivity has been amazing!’ Mark Jewell, Head of International Partnerships, Radley College, UK.

All our partnerships contain the opportunity to create one course for the Teach2030 platform, receive one visit from an Education Consultant, and obtain a scheme of work on learning poverty and Sustainable Development Goal 4. 

Our school partnerships provide us with sustainable funding and a wealth of new skills/expertise. We ask for at least one fundraising activity to help us continue our work, along with an opportunity for parents to donate.

Your school will receive additional good publicity by helping us work towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 for quality education. Together, we can be united in our goal to eradicate global learning poverty. 

Click here to download this information as a poster: Single Year School Partnership Programme

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