Generation Global hosts an exclusive, impactful and successful event with the Commonwealth Education Trust

On 20th June, the Commonwealth Education Trust was excited to collaborate with Generation Global, for a very special event hosted by Lisa Petro, Education and Quality Lead at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Generation Global is an education programme for young people formed by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. It focuses on enhancing communication skills in order to develop learners’ empathy, understanding and attitudes towards others – ultimately creating a more open-minded and accepting society.

Our partnership with Generation Global has been supportive from the start. Betty, CEO of the Commonwealth Education Trust, Lucy Hayter, Director of Generation Global, Alex Starr, Lead Education and Partnership Consultant, and Shruti Sharma, (Partnerships and Communications Lead), meet regularly to discuss updates, share resources and outline any other supportive strategies for each other’s cause.

For this exclusive and very special event, the Commonwealth Education Trust invited their highly valued partners and ambassadors. 23 attended, from over 8 different countries, and Lisa confidently led an interactive session that outlined the differences between debate, discussion and dialogue. All were then encouraged to present ideas relating to their community, classroom and experience, before outlining how they might integrate lessons learnt into their practice. Whilst many currently teach, others are extremely qualified members of NGOs, but all stated that they were grateful for the seminar and would take action moving forward.

We are incredibly grateful to all those at Generation Global, particularly Lisa, Shruti, Lucy and Kannan Nair (Partnerships and Communications Lead). It has taken them many months of planning, and it is so rewarding that is has been such a success.

To learn more about Generation Global, please visit their homepage. Alternatively, you can take their Introduction to Dialogue course for free.

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