Exciting Commonwealth of Learning TPD Partnership Completed!

We have now completed our partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning that aimed to improve education standards in the Seychelles. We are proud of this high profile partnership, as the Commonwealth of Learning is ‘the world’s only intergovernmental organisation solely concerned with the promotion and development of distance education and open learning.’ With a board of over 17 from around the Commonwealth, this highly effective organisation based in Canada believes that access to quality education leads to sustainable development.

The Commonwealth of Learning asked the CET to review the Professional Competency Framework for Teachers’ Handbook – a document of teaching standards used by Seychellois teachers. All teachers worldwide should adhere to teaching standards, as a way of maintaining quality and developing themselves professionally. If used effectively by leadership, teachers can progress professionally whilst schools can thrive through cohesively working towards common goals. Reviewing these standards was a highly engaging and interesting undertaking – one that was also an honour and a pleasure. Yet, it also caused much reflection for our education team on how their own teaching experiences had been shaped by the clear and precise teaching standards set out by the UK government; without these, there would have been a lack of direction, focus and development. All this only further emphasised the importance of our new Teach 2030 course ‘Being a Professional Teacher, which defines the teaching standards and how to apply them to improve teaching. It will be particularly pertinent and transformational for those in countries that do not provide their teachers with standards to work towards.

The CET was also asked to write an Implementation Plan for School-Based Teacher Development. The document was aimed at leaders and stake holders, and providing them with a clear strategy for enabling effective teacher professional development across the Seychelles. From discussing the importance of teacher professional development to debating what content to use, the road to successful planning, organising, facilitating, executing and evaluating digital TPD was paved as a six-step programme, based on high levels of research and experience. To support the document further, two two-hour workshops were hosted by the CET for up to 40 leaders of the Seychelles with three main objectives:

  • To extend on the information provided in the School-Based Implementation Plan
  •  To answer questions and clarify queries regarding the School Based Implementation Plan
  • To provide opportunities to create action plans that will enable effective digital TPD to occur in Seychellois schools.

Within these workshops, scenarios, tasks and additional research were all used to ensure that leaders of the Seychelles felt confident and comfortable proceeding with implementing change within their context.

Strategies outlined in the first workshop included creating action plans, teacher portfolios and learning partners, which attendees responded positively to, stating that:

  • ‘It was very reflective session. Ideas will be brought forward.’  

  • ‘Will be bringing the idea of teachers’ portfolio to the management team.’ 

  • ‘An action plan can help them to better plan themselves because if they are not careful given the amount of things that they have to do they can easily lose track.’ 

  • ‘We need to get teachers to see the benefit of working together as a learning partner not just for their own professional development but that of the students as well.’ 

  • ‘It’s a good idea as it will help teachers reflect on their personal growth.’ 

Mavis Lespoir,  Ag Director for Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education, and the Project Lead of this Commonwealth of Learning contract said:

We extend our deepest appreciation to you and the entire team at the Commonwealth Education Trust for your dedicated efforts throughout this project. Your commitment and expertise have been invaluable in achieving the milestones outlined in the contract.

We commend the meticulous work done on the Critical Review of the Professional Competency Framework for Teachers Handbook, the Implementation Plan for School-Based Teacher Development, and the engaging workshops conducted. These deliverables have undoubtedly enriched our educational initiatives and will serve as a cornerstone for further developments in teacher competency enhancement.’

On Wednesday 28th February, the second workshop was hosted with 25 attendees present. The role of leadership, strategies to motivate and how to ensure all have access to digital devices were all discussed, with comments received including ‘it was very informative and fruitful’, ’very interesting and informative’ and ‘thanks for this wonderful session.’

The CET is looking forward to seeing how the two comprehensive documents written, along with the two workshops hosted, prove transformational in improving learning outcomes and teacher professional development in the Seychelles. 

To discuss a similar partnership, please email partnerships@commonwealtheducationtrust.org or visit our partnership page.

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