Collaboration with Education Partners in Worldwide, Digital, Live Events

To strengthen our offering for our Education Partners we’re now providing the chance to collaborate in live, online discussions, hosted by our teaching platform, Teach2030, about pedagogy and successful classroom practice. Therefore, on Wednesday 26th January, Teach2030 held its very first Q and A session on Facebook. The event was hosted by our Education Advisor and Secondary Expert, Alex Starr, together with Rebecca Akinyi Migwambo from Kenya Connect, one of our Education Partners

Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions via social media prior to the session. Alex and Rebecca worked together to answer these, along with any new questions that were being asked live.  

It had been important to prepare, so, beforehand, Alex and Rebecca had met to discuss the process of hosting and their approach to teaching. Interestingly, both are experts in the same field: English and Literature at secondary level. Despite teaching in very different locations (Kenya and the UK), Alex and Rebecca quickly realised that they were answering the questions similarly and still learning from each other; after all, teachers are facing the same pedagogical issues worldwide.  

During the event, many topics were covered. These included Project Based Learning, digital skills, collaboration, creativity, active learning, formative and summative assessment. To get a flavour of the Q&A, you can visit our Teach2030 YouTube channel to watch the full event.

If you are a partner and would like to co-host a live-streaming event, contact us now by emailing a.starr@commonwealtheducationtrust.org. Alternatively, if you have access to teachers and would like to provide them with accessible professional development then find out more about our Education Partnerships.


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