CET-Gordon’s Partnership Launches for the New Year

On Tuesday 17th January, the Commonwealth Education Trust was delighted to successfully launch our peer teacher learning programme with Gordon’s School, Surrey; Dewey School, Cameroon; and Tujatane School, Zambia.

23 teachers are participating on the programme, with teachers meeting fortnightly in their Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) via Zoom or WhatsApp. These TLCs are groups of 3-4, consisting of 1 teacher from Gordon’s alongside 2-3 teachers from either Dewey or Tujatane. Topics to be discussed have been designed by Kelly Hurley, Assistant Headteacher at Gordon’s and Lead Teacher of Gordon’s, and these include differentiation and starting lessons effectively.

During the launch, Kelly led all teachers through what to expect from the experience. Lead Partner for Dewey and Teach2030 Ambassador, Njilefac Atem, who participated in the programme last year, shared her positive experiences and the impact her TLC had on her as a teacher. John Kakoma, Deputy Head and Lead Partner for Dewey, expressed his enthusiasm for upskilling teachers in his school.

CEO, Betty Abeng, was able to support the Dewey teachers further by joining the launch meeting in-person and alongside those teachers who will be participating.

This partnership aligns with several of CET’s pillars, including working together to upskill teachers worldwide. The CET aims to create open and collaborative partnerships that connects teachers, pools knowledge and shares resources. We aim to deliver contextualised, TPD materials to teachers. At the same time, the trust actively seeks opportunities to promote the voices of teachers working in lower- income countries, and to share their experiences.

The TLCs are expected to launch imminently, with teachers spending this week building their communication networks. We look forward to hearing how all teachers involved are progressing.

To build a similar partnership, visit our ‘Our Partners’ page.

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