CET and Gordon’s Celebrate the End of Another Successful Year of Partnership

On Tuesday 25th June, 9 Gordon’s teachers along with their 9 partner teachers across the world gathered together to celebrate the end of another successful year of partnership.

This year, prior to the partnership beginning, teachers worldwide submitted their aspirations and goals for the six-month project, before being matched with a member of staff from Gordon’s accordingly.

Partners have been meeting regular since January discussing topics from behaviour management to assessment strategies to increasing parental engagement. In initial meetings, Gordon’s teachers met their worldwide peers to clarify objectives. They then produced highly useful content and possible methods for dissemination. Worldwide partners implemented these strategies and reported back, asking for further clarification, debriefing or gaining further support.

The impact of the partnership is clear to see.


The meeting on the 25th June represented the end of this academic year’s partnership, but, we are delighted to announce that Gordon’s has renewed our partnership for next year, so we look forward to developing this highly exciting and effective partnership further! Our thanks in particular to Kelly Hurley, Assistant Headteacher (Staff Development) for helping to make the partnership possible.

To develop a similar partnership, please email partnerships@commonwealtheducationtrust.org or visit our partnership webpage.

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