Celebrating our Impact through our Partnership with Radley College

Two years ago, The Commonwealth Education Trust partnered with the Radley College in the hope that through our collaboration we could extend the opportunity for more Radleians to learn about global educational issues by connecting them with a wider number of African schools.

Using the skills and understanding Radley College had gained from working with a school in Tanzania, our partnership has enabled us to develop a global student exchange programme.

The impact of teachers on learning outcomes is recognised as a key factor in meeting the sustainable development goal of quality education for all (SDG4) and through our EdTech Platform, Teach2030, we have been providing opportunities for professional development for as many teachers worldwide as possible.

Already the CET has upskilled more than 11,000 teachers in over 113 countries and by creating links with some of our partner schools, Radleians have been put in direct contact with children who are already benefitting from this improvement in learning.

The aims of our partnership are:

  • To raise awareness in pupils of partner’s different school context
  • To recognise common humanity between partner groups (challenging stereotypes) and to enable the process of understanding some structural causes of global inequalities.

Our mutual hope is to eventually incentivise the Radleians to take action and in their own way promote a more equal global society.

This summer, Radley published the first Edition of their Partnership Impact Report, Voices, which represents a celebration of what we have achieved together.

Inspired by our visit last year, and by their conversations in the Shell year, Remove boys raised £7,976 for the CET.




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