Our partnerships help us to invest in more teachers and improve learning outcomes for children suffering from learning poverty.

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Our partnerships help us to invest in more teachers and improve poor learning outcomes for children suffering from learning poverty.

Why partner with us?

Teacher Professional Development (TPD) results in children learning more. Currently, it is estimated that 250 million children around the world leave school unable to read and write. Help us to reduce this number. 

We provide teachers working in under resourced settings across the globe with a low-cost, digital, professional development solution through our ed-Tech, award winning platform, Teach2030.  

Our easy-to-use, low-data platform means that all teachers can receive access to contextualised, assessed, and certified TPD materials through a smartphone or similar device. 


    Our digital programme, Teach2030, is scalable, low data and award-winning, as we were selected for the 2022 HundrED Global Collection.

  • Outperforming benchmarks

    We have reached over 12,000 teachers with our courses to date. Our overall course completion rate is 45% (Jan 2023) compared to average of 12.6% for online learning.


    By working with us, you'll be working alongside our Education Consultants, who are highly experienced experts.


    We take a personalised approach to developing partnerships, working with you to complete a project and achieve specific goals.

Don't Just take OUR word for it...

Surveys from our Teach2030 users show:

  • 91% think our courses are suitable for their classroom setting 

  • 95% recognise their digital skills have improved after taking our digital learner course 

  • 45% course completion rate, compared to an average of 12.6%

How YOU CAN partner with us?


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Other ways to get involved


Corporate partners

Strategic partnerships 

Partnerships with a real purpose enable us to align our strategic objectives. These partnerships go beyond funding and offer an exciting opportunity for pro bono working, skill sharing and collaboration to achieve a shared vision. 

Charity of the Year 

Choose the CET us as your Charity of the Year and we’ll work with you on a range of exciting fundraising, volunteering and awareness-raising activities. Get in touch if you’d like to nominate us.  

Brand partnerships 

By partnering with a well-respected Commonwealth organisation, you can engage your customers and inspire them to sponsor teachers who are not often recognised for their work. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, launch a new product or gain positive PR, we can work with you to create a cause-related marketing campaign to achieve your objectives. 

Volunteering and skills sharing 

We believe in creating volunteering opportunities that provide real value to our charity and to the employees who donate their time. We provide opportunities that allow employees to directly support our teachers and teacher communities.  Sharing is also a great way for your employees to use their knowledge and expertise in a new way to support a charity, while also developing new skills and knowledge to take back to your company. 

Education partners

Our inclusive approach enables us to partner with organisations of all sizes. These range from the small NGOs which support 10 teachers working in a deprived communities, to large  organisations of over 2000 members.

No matter the size of your organisation, we offer personalised partnership packages for your teachers that include access to the following via our Teach2030 platform:

  • Digital courses
  • Support materials
  • Virtual workshops
  • Regular progress reports and updates

School partners

The Commonwealth Education Trust partners with schools in the UK to build communities of learners and improve the lives of millions of children globally.

Whole School Development

  • Connect with a school in an under-resourced setting
  • Gain additional professional development through teacher partnering
  • Widen student knowledge of global issues
  • Receive additional good publicity for your school
    Work towards UN
  • Sustainable Development Goal 4 for quality education

Teacher Development

  • Develop Professional Standards for Teaching, including collaboration and contributing to the professional development of others
  • Advance and reflect on pedagogy
  • Build relationships with teachers in other settings
  • Create leadership opportunities

Student Development

  • Increase empathy, communication, critical thinking and confidence skills
  • ‘Prepare learners for life…equipping them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society’ (OFSTED: 2022)
  • Broaden their UCAS application
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