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Today, more than ever, partnerships are an ideal method to build capacity. The Commonwealth Education Trust collaborates with government and in-country partners to roll out our EdTech platform, Teach2030. Together, we are transforming education worldwide and changing lives throughout the Commonwealth. 

We reach teachers through our high impact, high touch model of partnerships, where we work with governments and NGOs to implement Teach2030 as a long term CPD solution. Currently, we have existing partnerships in Zambia, Jamaica, South Africa, Kenya, India, Tanzania and Ghana.   

What are our levels of partnership? 

Currently, we provide 3 levels of support packages for our Education partnership: FreeEssential and Enhanced. 

Our ‘Free’ partnership is for schools with a limited budget, wishing to provide teachers with an introduction to digital TPD, without assessment and certification. Note, any teacher can access our Teach2030 courses independently. Part 1 of each course is free, and Part 2 has a $5 cost.  

Our ‘Essential’ partnership is for schools who want a high impact, faster implementation of TDP for teachers. We provide continuous assessment, certification, and ongoing support and materials. High level progress tracking is included, with observation form templates, as well as regular progress reporting. 

Our ‘Enhanced’ partnership is for schools who wish to have a more personalised approach. It includes all the features of the ‘Essential’ partnership, but we also hold regular virtual meetings together and provide monthly updates. Once a term, we have a remote, hour session. 

Why chose an ‘Enhanced’ partnership support package? 

Since July 2020, one of our partners has been the NGO Warwick in Africa (WiA), a charitable initiative by the University of Warwick. One of their roles is to support schools in Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa, through an in-country Lead Teacher programme, which in turn supports over 700 teachers working in 24 schools. Our partnership aims to bring Teach2030 courses to the teaching community they work with. 

We introduced Teach2030 to the lead teachers during a virtual conference, and have been thrilled to see the enthusiasm and immediate participation from their whole team, receiving regular feedback such as ‘I have found the course so interesting and applicable in my own daily teaching process. I went through the growth mindset course and the next week I found myself changing the language of teaching into a growth mindset especially when my students need feedback.’ 

We provide a personalised partnership home page for WiA and their teachers, enabling them to enrol in specific courses, as well as see information and videos unique to them. In addition, the WiA UK-based programme manager is able to track their progress by accessing the course data for their group through our website. 

We have a strong focus on impact and access. A research project led locally in Ghana collects critical data to demonstrate our impact. 

So, why choose an ‘Enhanced’ partnership today? 

After 18 months of on-and-off school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, filling the gaps in education is more important than ever, but a highly challenging task. Lucy Phillipson, CEO of our partner, Coco International (a charity working to support education communities in East Africa), predicted to us early in the pandemic how their teachers might become isolated during prolonged school closures, showing concern that classroom skills might suffer.  

Lucy tells us how the ‘excellent modules’ of Teach2030 course have supported their teachers: 

‘The Teach2030 module has given them a focus, it’s given them a purpose and it’s reminded them of why they teach in the first place. The results so far have been incredible. A lot of them are learning how to monitor and evaluate their classrooms.’ 

Teachers enthusiastically embraced their free access to the Teach2030 courses. We track progress and give Lucy regular updates through analysis of digital data from courses. 

It is important to mention that we can also offer technical advisory services that guide the rollout of Teach2030 on a national scale for teachers working in all communities, including leading bespoke virtual workshops or creating courses for a specific need.  

The Commonwealth Education Trust: investing in teachers worldwide. We aim for all children to receive a quality education and maximise their full potential, which will allow them to contribute to the sustainable development of their societies. 

To become a partner, visit our Education Partnership page.


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