The call came through and Mr Mebune graciously agreed to my offer.

On the day the recording was made, I also invited another primary school teacher, David Njighangnu, from Bright Bilingual Primary School, whom I had connected with through family. What they shared was profound especially because they had unique challenges working in demanding settings with priorities such as improved sanitation

This commitment though daunting, underscores the broader scope of challenges faced by educators in diverse settings and serves as a reminder that our commitment to education extends beyond digital platforms and encompasses the real, tangible issues affecting teachers and students worldwide.

During our team meeting in March last year, our Marketing Lead, Adam, emphasised the power of storytelling. In the subsequent months, we dedicated ourselves to capturing stories from our Teach2030 teacher community and Teach3030 Ambassadors, ensuring their voices were heard. However, a critical question lingered – shouldn’t ALL teachers deserve to have their voices heard?

In honour of International Education Day and National Storytelling Week (which was last week), we are excited to share excerpts from my conversations with Mr. Mebune and Mr. Njighangnu.

Achieving SDG4 (Quality Education for All) is undeniably challenging, with a considerable distance to cover in improving working conditions for teachers and learning environments for learners. Nevertheless, at the CET, we take pride in playing our part through the provision of digital Teacher Professional Development (TPD). We acknowledge that numerous organisations are also tirelessly working to enhance various aspects of teachers’ lives.

The Teacher Task Force which published its Global Report on Teacher’s examining teacher shortages, the causes and the possible factors to address the issue.

As we all reflect on the possible ways to make the teaching profession more attractive, let’s draw from his experiences after 24 years of teaching.

Mr David Njighangnu, Myself and Mr Matthias Mebune

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Betty Abeng, CEO

Commonwealth Education Trust.

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