Every child deserves a quality education

The Global Learning Crisis is the world accepting mediocrity. 

Over 250 million children around the world are affected with up to 80% of children in low-income countries remain unable to read and understand a simple story by the age of ten. Life chances are being stifled, potential is being wasted and the growth of nations is being slowed. 

Research shows that teachers have the biggest impact on the learning outcomes of children. They are the key to ending the learning crisis.

Through our award-winning online platform, Teach2030, we are reaching thousands teachers around the world and providing them with digital and contextualised teacher professional development courses and training. 

What we have achieved so far

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Charity Ambassador - Eyong Enoh

Former professional footballer and Cameroonian midfielder, Eyong Enoh has teamed up with The Commonwealth Education Trust in support of our mission to build in-service teacher capacity through our digital, high-impact programme and virtual community, to enrich both the lives of the teachers, and those of the children they teach.

Find out why he has joined our fight against learning poverty by watching the video and reading on.

Let's work together to provide every child a quality education


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